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Hoses for usage in food and drink industry  

Chemical resistant as possible and for food and drink usable

For the usage in the food and drink industry usually one of this two types are ordered:

The SVB-Lightfood is made of synthetic rubber with reinforcement of synthetic textile and embeded steel wire helix. This hose can be used up to 96% alcohol and is for other chemicals very resistant, too. Another feature is his very lightweight for easy handling. So it is most used in alcohol and wine sector. FDA conform and phtalates free. Temperatures up to 80°C. Conforming FDA (Food and Drugs Administration)

The SVB Vario Plus can be used in a temperature range from -30°C up to +95°C, but only up to 40% pure alcohol content. The highest temperature range and good chemical resistance against cleaning solutions are reached with an EPDM tube. Conforming BfR Category II / FDA Food and Drugs Administration

Both types can be used for all non-fat foodstuffs as beer, wine, fruit juices, liquid foodstuffs and alcoholic drinks. The Vario Plus is better for CIP because more chemical resistant and temperature range up to 95°C. The Lightfood is better with more flexibility and lightweight for filling usage or high alcohol concentrations.

The standard roll lenght is 40 m.

SVB-hoses with connections

SVB - Lightfood dimensions:

SVB - Vario Plus dimensions: