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Yeast, hop and malt from Germany or EU

Malt, yeast and hop (or hop extract) from Germany, France or Czech Republic are famous in the world and known for their excellent and stable quality and taste.

We can deliver to you with freight insurance and export documents and you can brew with excellence raw materials a beer with excellent quality.

Special our original bavarian yeast from “Weihenstephan” can improve the quality of your beer. Weihenstephan is famous for his beer and milk products and have for all brewers a name as there is the brewer university and the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan, the world oldest brewery, located.

We can deliver all kinds of malt, yeast and hop, inclusive hop extract. Please tell us your preferences or usage and we recommend a convenient type.

Stable quality of raw materials for good taste of beer

The oldest brewery in the world: Bavarian State Brewery in Weihenstephan

Hop in the Hollertau, world-famous hop region in Bavaria:

Malt for all beer types, best for lager beer: