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Alcohol distillery for Australia

The most approvals are given and the negotiations with the owner are running good forward to built a high capacity alcohol plant in Australia.

This plant according to local rules will be built with high energy-saving level. Further the most energy will produced with local waste wood in burners with high environment saving level from Germany. As background: in Australia regularly the branches must be picked up from forest workers to reduce fire danger. So this waste wood is the ideal energy supplier for the distillery: from waste wood and spring water to excellent whiskey.

Similar by a brewery for us is important by planning and building a distillery:

-perfectly design to reduce the ways from silo storage to brew house (a distillery need a brew house, too, for production of alcohol in less concentration), distillery, tanks and filling station because easier to clean, very important for good product,

-less energy consumption as possible with energy recovery and CO2 recovery - not only for environment good, the energy costs are high will not be cheaper next years.

-modern control cabinet e.g. with Siemens S7 controlling for effective brew process. A good control desk reduce mistakes by brewing and is the guarantee for exact temperature and times by the brew process

-Best equipment for important parts as valves, flow meters, manometers, temperature gauges, controlling - we have the experience that investment in original parts from Germany/EU are a good investment for long time running without production loss for maintenance.

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Construction of a high capacity alcohol  distillery located in Australia