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Beer filling plant from Krones with 26.000 bottles per hour

In the whole world not every brewery can make investment in new filling plants from Germany. Cheaper filling lines  from manufacturers with not so long experience are not many years stable working. Costs for production leaks follows. As solution much customers prefer to buy a used filling plant. Read here more about features and risks of this way.

High quality equipment from worlds leader in Beef filling plants used to moderate pricing

On this site we present some recent sample projects and inform about our actual projects and breweries.  Please look on the technology site if you need original equipment for your breweries.

Alcohol distillery with 24.000 l 98% alcohol production capacity per day

The heart of our distillery is a column from German manufacturer. We built this plant completely with tanks and silos made by our company at a location with a natural water resource. With this good water, and good distillery we produce excellent whiskey and liqueur specialities for local market.   

2007 we built this alcohol plant with a distillery column from Germany

Our Pub Brewery built like a tend on Munich Octoberfest

Not everyone can travel to Munich in Germany for visitation of the world-famous “Octoberfest”. So the idea was 2002 born to built a pub brewery similar a tend of the Munich Octoberfest in Hanoi.

Worldwide fascination of beer made like Munich beer

Big beer festival in our pub brewery according „Oktoberfest“ in Munich

In 2014 we intent a big beer festival in our pub brewery in Hanoi with beer made as Munich Beer, live music, attractions, Bavarian „dirndl“ (dresses), dancing girls . Not the original, but we hope the guests become feeling like on „Octoberfest“. Not everyone can travel to Munich self. See more and photos.

Worldwide fascination of the Octoberfest in Munich, Germay

Future Investment for Pub Brewery in Hanoi - Skyscraper

Hanoi increases, the buildings become higher and higher  and so next investment is to built on the ground of pub brewery a high sky tower. Bottom level will be placed the pub brewery, over it follows a shopping mall and then  bureaus and apartments. Interested as Investor?

Planning sky tower  with the pub brewery on ground, shopping mall, bureau and apartments

Projects, Breweries, Investments

New Brewery with 50 Million litre per year

Extensive negotiations with a big German brand name brewery group have started. This investor want brew on site to reduce shipping costs and delivery time. Then it is possible to sell beer same quality as in German brewed but with moderate pricing's. Our part is planning and building the brewery and helps by local approvals and distribution. Interested as Investor?

Proccedings with big german brewery group running


Alcohol distillery for Australia

The most approvals are given and the negotiations with the owner are running good forward to built a high capacity alcohol plant in Australia. This plant according to local rules will be built with high energy-saving level. Further the most energy will produced with local waste wood in burners with high environment saving level from Germany.

Construction of a high capacity alcohol  distillery located in Australia

australia Farny Distillery Pub Brewery Octoberfest skyscraper