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Demontage and freight of a used beer filling plant from Krones

In 2007 we export this filling plant from South Germany to Hanoi, Vietnam. Most important is the correct disassembling with detailed documentation. Every cable, every screw and every connection who must be disconnected must be marked and noticed on this documentation. If not it is on new place impossible to built the plant again.

Second important is good seaworthy packing in containers who possible and special transport cases for parts to big. By this plant we need three oversized low-loading trucks and made police-guarded heavy load freight in the night to next port. Every corner was checked before if the big freight can pass. Other goods was stored

Without such marking and documentation you have at target location a big mountain of technical parts and no one can built up the plant again. So you can lost many money without specialists by buying used equipment.

Hope you see at the following photo documentation that you can lost much money by used equipment if you have not the best specialists for disassembling and freight.

We can help you if you want to buy used plants by finding right one, cost calculation, disassembling and freight and mounting again at new place with integration in existing plants, renewal and maintenance.

Demontage of high tech filling plant needs specialists with good equipment

Here is the plant still working before disassembling:

Demontage of high tech filling plant needs specialists with good equipment

For biggest parts must the building be opened and special movement bases must be maked to roll out up to the heavy load truck cranes.

Many cables must be dismantled and marked, many sensitive parts must be replaced and packed separately.

Loaded and fixed on special trucks for for heavy load freight to next seaport:

Smaller parts must packed well and stored safetly in containers: