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New Brewery with 50 Million litre per year

Extensive negotiations with a big German brand name brewery group have started. This investor ship his good beer since some years to Vietnam and intend now to brew on site to reduce shipping costs and delivery time. Then it is possible to sell beer same quality as in Germany brewed but with moderate pricing's.

Our part is planning and building the brewery and helps by local approvals and distribution. This brewery is planned with 50 Mill. Litre per year, expendable up to 100 Mill. litre per year. We have built before some breweries with same capacity, here you can see some photos of it.

Important for us by planning and building a brewery are this points

-perfectly design to reduce the ways from silo storage to brew house and tanks and filling station because easier to clean, very important for good product,

-less energy consumption as possible with energy recovery and CO2 recovery - not only for environment good, the energy costs are high will not be cheaper next years.

-modern control cabinet e.g. with Siemens S7 controlling for effective brew process. A good control desk reduce mistakes by brewing and is the guarantee for exact temperature and times by the brew process

-Best equipment for important parts as valves, flow meters, manometers, temperature gauges, controlling - we have the experience that investment in original parts from Germany/EU are a good investment for long time running without production loss for maintenance.

Interested as Investor?

Proccedings with big german brewery group running

Sample photos from a brewery we have built

Some more photos of recent from us built breweries. Hope you see that by the quality only German quality standards are acceptable: