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Our Pub Brewery built like a tend on Munich Octoberfest

Not everyone can travel to Munich in Germany for visitation of the world-famous “Octoberfest”. So the idea was 2002 born to built a pub brewery similar a tend of the Munich Octoberfest in Hanoi. The size of this building is so big like a tend on the Octoberfest, but we prefer a stable building who opened whole year.

And for everytime fresh beer we installed a pub brewery with 20 hl per brew. This pub brewery first we bought used in Germany, disassembled it and export packed in container to Hanoi. There all parts have been overhauled and with modern design and controlling new set up. After some years of working we replaced through a bigger one built completely in our factory and last not least so many beer needed that we must brew in our big brewery outside.

Worldwide fascination of beer made like Munich beer

Separate guest rooms at top:

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Drinking and eating samples: