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Building our alcohol distillery up to 24.000 litre 98% alcohol per day

In the year 2007 we start our project of a distillery to produce vodka, brandy and liqueurs ourselves. For best quality of the alcohol we decide to buy a distilling column from Germany from a manufacturer who is specialized in making distilling columns.

This is important to get pure alcohol with so less as possible unwanted derivative alcohols. This unwanted derivative alcohols are not good for taste and more important not good for health of people who drink it.

Best raw materials are further important for perfectly alcohol production. Our continuous labour tests confirm this excellent quality.

We built this plant completely with tanks and silos made by ourself at a location with a natural water resource. This water we sell separately as drinking water, too.

With this good water, and good distillery we produce excellent whiskey and liqueur specialities for local market.   

A good distilling column is the heart of a distillery

Our distillery, here the three columns for alcohol extraction:

Mixing and storage tanks:

The top of this distillery columns:

The bottle filling station: