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Big beer festival in our pub brewery according „Oktoberfest“ in Munich

In 2014 we intent a big beer festival in our pub brewery in Hanoi with beer made as Munich Beer, live music, attractions, Bavarian „dirndl“ (dresses), dancing girls . Not the original, but we hope the guests become feeling like on „Octoberfest“ and have a nice evening with good beer and eating - not everyone can travel to Munich self.

For this atmosphere we make a new decoration of our pub brewery, new dresses like Bavarian “dirndl” for our waitresses, arrange a good music group and a nice girl dance group.

In advance all tickets sold and it become a great happening with many lucky guests. We hope we can make next years every year a little bigger but surely the dimensions of real Munich Oktoberfest we will be unable to reach every time.

For the next year 2015 we plan to import originally Munich Beer as a special attraction.

On most of the following photos we have diffused the faces of guests for their privacy, so sorry some not sharp.

Worldwide fascination of the Octoberfest in Munich, Germay

Preparation and decoration:

Drinking and Eating:

The musicians and dancing and performing:

The team: