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We are supplier of high quality equipment from companies in Germany or Europe.

Equipment for your Brewery

Original EU/Germany Equipment: valves, flow meters, manometers, pumps, mills .....

If you want surely original parts from Germany or EU you can order over us. We arrange freight directly from manufacturer with certificate of origin to you. We are specialist for compressors, brewery valves as butterfly valves, sampling valves, safety valves, aseptic valves and more, flow meters from Endress & Hauser or Siemens, manometers, thermometers and more

We are supplier of high quality goods from leading companies in Germany or Europe

Valves, Pipings, Sight Glasses, Bends, Pumps, Sampling Valves ... for your brewery

Our valves from one of the best German manufacturer working much years durable and are a investment in the future of your brewery. Specially the seals are one of the best and the design is optimised for best flow and minimum dead storage. In long-term calculation you can save a lot of money because minimum of production loss time for maintenance.

For your Brewery only the best high quality equipment


Measurement equipment: flow meters, manometers, temperature gauges...

The correct temperature and pressure are important for perfectly brewing. Manometers and temperature gauges from German top manufacturers helps you to control it. And the contact-free flow meters helps to control the brewing process and necessary for automation and controlling from control desk.

For your Brewery only the best high quality equipment


Compressors from the brewers market leader “Mehrer”, Germany

Compressors from Mehrer are standard using in Breweries for CO2 recovery. The excellent quality guarantees long-time running with less maintenance. So most good brewery a “Mehrer” is still working and sign for quality statement of brewery.

For your Brewery only the best high quality equipment


Malt Mills wet and dry and for all capacities you need

First step by brewing is milling of the brew malt. We can deliver for each capacity malt mills, wet or dry as customer want, with stone separator and metal detector. From the world leader companies: Schmidt-Seeger (Buehler), Steinecker, Höflinger or if you want a cheaper from good manufacturer located in Czech Republik. Another option for minimum investment is to buy used mill. Then the disassembling, freight preparation and freight needs specialists we can recommend.

For your Brewery only the best high quality equipment


Steam generators for fast and safety heating in the brewing process

A Steam generator produce wet steam for fastest heating and cooking. Fired as your request with oil, gas, wooden chips or others. We can offer you any size from little types for pub breweries up to biggest and make the planning and installation on site. It is recommended to set up old types through new steam generators because the energy efficiency factor is better and the exhaust fumes of old types have to much poison. First point good for your money and second with a newer one better for environment.

For your Brewery only the best high quality equipment


High pressure Equipment valves, air dryers up to 400 bar

High pressure equipment as valves up to 400 bar or pressure reducers or compressed air dryers are most wanted for scientific labours or labours of companies to develop new articles and procedures. If you need equipment our specialists for high pressure and vacuum technology can advice and provide you with best equipment from Germany. Best quality in this sector is important for safety of your plant.

For your Brewery only the best high quality equipment


Squeezing, flanging and bending machines  up to biggest sizes

As manufacturer of breweries we can deliver you biggest formed stainless steel parts e.g. four special buildings or machines.

For your Brewery only the best high quality equipment