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Malt Mills wet and dry and for all capacities you need

First step by brewing is milling of the brew malt. We can deliver for each capacity malt mills, wet or dry as customer want, with stone separator and metal detector.

From the world leader companies:

Another option for minimum investment is to buy used mill. Then the disassembling, freight preparation and freight needs specialists we can recommend. Our used mills are usually overhauled with new or new shaped rolls and new colored.

We can supply mills for rice and little manual controlled mills for pub breweries, too.

Important by mills is the installation in your factory with malt cooling, intake hopper, stone and metal separator, overflow protection, explosion protection and control desk. Wet mills need a malt preparation station, but the features are minimum explosion danger by milling and longer maintenance periods of the mill.

For your Brewery only the best high quality equipment

New and second hand reconditioned roller mills from  Höflinger, Germany, waiting for freight to their brewery.