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Compressors ... for your brewery

By the fermenting a lot of CO2 gas are generated. This CO2 can used after cleaning at the end of brew process to give the finished beer the right amount of CO2. With the Mehrer CO2 oil-free compressors you can compress the CO2-gas you have won by brewing process for storage with less volume. Using of self produced CO2 is not only cheaper as extern bought, it is more safety because the beer comes only with “it’s own” CO2 in contact. Compressors from Mehrer are famous for their many years long-time working and the standard used in Breweries.

Delivery ex works manufacturer with Certificate of Origin of the German Chamber of Commerce! Planning and montage through our team possible.

For your Brewery only the best high quality equipment

A Mehrer compressor still working year for year:

A CO2 recovery plant built from us with Mehrer compressor: