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Measurement Equipment ... for your brewery

Exact and stable working measurement of temperature, pressure or flow is guarantee of perfectly brew and pre-condition for the automatisation of the brew process.

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Delivery ex works manufacturer with Certificate of Origin of the German Chamber of Commerce! Fast delivery with airfreight possible! Planning and montage through our team possible.

For your Brewery only the best high quality equipment

Manometer installation in a Brewery we have built:

Why we recommend using of Gazijector?

At wort aeration, yeast propagation, carbonation, and other fermentation processes, effective dosing of sterile gases to prevent contamination, spoilage and product loss, is an essential part of your production process.

The CPM Gazijector provides 100 percent contamination-free filtration of air, compressed air, carbon dioxide (CO2), and other gases when the gas passes through the fumigation chamber and enters the product line. ”*

*Page 2 Pentair gazijector pdf CPM Gazi4

Flow Meter installed in brewery and enable automatically brew process from control desk: