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High pressure Equipment valves, air dryers up to 400 bar

High pressure equipment as valves up to 400 bar or pressure reducers or compressed air dryers are most wanted for scientific labours or labours of companies to develop new articles and procedures.

If you need equipment our specialists for high pressure and vacuum technology can advice and provide you with best equipment from Germany. Best quality in this sector is important for safety of your plant.

Here an overview:

For your Brewery only the best high quality equipment

valve PN420
material ASTM 316L

inlet: ½“NPT male

outlet: ½“NPT female

shutable test connection: ¼“ NPT with plug

test valve:
tamper lockable

type B32TLNA12NI12P8

5 valve manifold PN420 material 316L

Inlet: ½“NPT female

Outlet: flangeable acc. to EN 61518

Test: ¼“NPT with plug

type B572NI12FLP8

Gauge valve acc. to DIN16270-A-20ST

Inlet: G1/2“ male with spigot (EN837-1)

Outet: G1/2“ LH with adjusting nut G1/2“ LH * RH

With vent screw


Syphon acc to DIN 16282 circular form, material 1.4571 (ASTM 316Ti)

Inlet: G1/2" male with spigot (EN837-1)

Outet: G1/2" LH with adjusting nut G1/2" LH * RH

type 16282CG2