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Used equipment filling lines, PET blowers, filters, pasteurizers,

Good quality equipment overhauled is never to old

A used beer bottles filling line from Krones

We export this filling plant from South Germany to Vietnam. Most important is the correct disassembling with detailed documentation. Second important is good seaworthy packing in containers who possible and special transport cases for parts to big.

We can help you if you want to buy used plants by finding right one, cost calculation, disassembling and freight and mounting again at new place with integration in existing plants, renewal and maintenance.

Demontage of high tech filling plant needs specialists with good equipment

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This pub brewery we buy used in north Germany and arrange the disassembling and freight to new location in Asia. The nice pub brewery was in good condition and complete with all necessary stations and beer glasses and siphons. Overhauled and with new control unit it works for fully satisfaction some years, then a bigger one was necessary because the pub brewery runs very good with much customers.

Read more about this recent project:

We can deliver a wide range of used equipment e.g.:

Don’t hesitate to send your inquiry and we looking for best matching machines. Most used machines are sold without guarantee so a visitation with customer at site is recommended. If our team makes disassembling and the assembling at your factory we can deliver with guarantee, too.